a GRATEFUL heart

She’s standing on stage, beautiful and strong, it’s her name in the envelope. Silence surrounds her as the name is announced, slowly the cheers fill the room, everyone overwhelmed with excitement. But amid all the JOY there is another girl standing on stage, tears in her eyes, disappointment in her heart. HEARTBROKEN, but not defeated because as she Read More


the JOURNEY, cont.

Just as we pull away from the drive thru we hear “how long to home, I’m SOOO hungry” to which we reply “five minutes”, silence, followed by “but FIVE minutes is FOREVER”. In her little world five minutes is a lifetime because ALL she wants is to get home. Cubs fans watched anxiously as their Read More


the JOURNEY, an intro

It’s that adorable picture of your baby you posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media site. Did you wait a whole five minutes before looking to see how many “LIKES” you got?! Instant gratification, according to Wikipedia, is defined as the “satisfactions gained by more impulsive behaviors: choosing now over tomorrow.” We Read More