a NEW year, a NEW begining

For centuries cultures have celebrated the New Year in some way. The earliest records date back to the Babylonians’ with the celebration of Akitu,where they celebrated the mythical victory of the Babylonian sky god Marduk over the evil sea goddess Tiamat, history.com. It wasn’t until Julia Cesar that January 1st became New Years Day.

“A kiss at Midnight”, “Times Square Ball Drop”, “The countdown … 10, 9, 8, 7 … ”; timeless traditions symbolizing a NEW year is upon us. The buzzes of New Year’s resolutions begin as excitement fills the air with ALL the promises of what next year can be.

For many those promises will be of a new job, they will be dreams of competing in the next Olympics, for some it’s the promise of daily needs being met. For me it is a commitment to teach my children through faith to be kind, generous and loving to ALL; to be humble and honest, and to love unconditionally.

“Never tire of loyalty and kindness. Hold these virtues tightly. Write them deep within your heart.” Proverbs 3:3

Have you ever had “one of those days”, your late, the kids are crying and you forget the pack of diapers on the couch that daycare needed TODAY. I have. Many will whisper, many will form an opinion and many will watch as I struggle. BUT what if instead of whispering, YOU offered help or encouragement? What if by doing this you not only showed me kindness, but you taught kindness to your children.

While attending pageants I often spot “that MOM”, you know the one who is stressed and overwhelmingly frustrated. They are clearly having “one of those days”. They are the mom’s that I run to, they are the mom’s that I make sure to encourage, they are who I choose to show kindness to and through which I teach my daughter to be kind.

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Jim Gromer, author of How to Raise Great Kids: 101 Fun & Easy Ideas, offers a variety of ways  to teach our children through sharing their families “favorite 101 humble suggestions to teach valuable life lessons to help raise hard-working, respectful, and joyful children.” These “humble suggestions” are simple, but their impact is BIG.

One being “Attitude is Everything” where he talks about having the “right attitude” can make a difficult situation manageable. It’s a great reminder that everything is better when YOU are looking through the right perspective.

During competition it is easy to be wrapped up in the “perfect” that you put humility on the side lines. Perfection doesn’t guarantee result. You can put on the perfect dress, find just the right shoes and if what’s inside doesn’t match the beautifully refined exterior, the results may lead to heartbreak. In the end it’s the heart that others will see.

17 thoughts on “a NEW year, a NEW begining

  1. Love your resolution! When you say “For me it is a commitment to teach my children through faith to be kind, generous and loving to ALL; to be humble and honest, and to love unconditionally.” .. I dont have children as yet but that is precisely how I want to educate them.

  2. Great post here! a little history, a little of you, and thought provoking… New Year New Beginning (and thank goodness) 2016 was a doosey for me! I always believe in helping others and being kind, people are the most important part of life, everything else falls 2nd!

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