being part of a STORY

It’s a classic & timeless beginning to any story, “Once upon a time, a long long time ago….”.

Fun fact, did you know that there are 22 different ways to start a fairy tale with “Once upon a time”.

When I was younger my dream was one of “happily ever after”, it was full of Prince Charming and dancing in the forest. Many said “it’s just a fairy tale”, but those stories gave my heart something to smile about, they gave me something to dream about.

Zara Ramsay-Nortley, has always been amazed by those competing in pageants. As a child she would watch Miss World with her older sisters and fondly remembers “the dresses” and their “elegance”. It was something to dream about, a princess fairy tale. In 2011 she became the fairy tale and competed in the Miss Ghana UK; her story’s beginning. Every story unique, every chapter another chance to learn and grow from the last.

Growing up I watched all the classics, Cinderella, Beauty & The Beast and Snow White. As a child, they were perfection, they were flawless. As an adult, they are just girls looking for their “happily ever after”. In life, we are ALL flawed, we are ALL human. “Everybody has something they are insecure about”, Zara explained, it might be a birthmark, “your smile”, or a scar from a childhood accident. Each one making YOU unique.

“You must be perfect—just as your Father in heaven is perfect.”  Matthew 5:48

While to YOU they are obvious, to OTHERS they aren’t. To Zara her insulin pump was glaring, it was “white and on her stomach”, how could they not notice it? The reality, most didn’t even know she had it on. HER confidence, beauty and poise out shined the one thing she thought was her biggest flaw. The flaw had become part of her story. It’s inspiring those to embrace what makes them different. To stand OUT by just being YOU.

Zara’s story isn’t over, she is still writing HER fairy tale, there are chapters yet to be written, BUT one thing is certain they will ALL be full of “elegance”, giving back, growth, determination and making a difference.

What is your story? Are you at the beginning, middle or ending about to begin another? What will your LEGACY be?

12 thoughts on “being part of a STORY

  1. this is beautiful!!!! As a grow older, I have realized beauty isn’t what I thought it was…. it comes from our love of God…. our confidence in who we are…. and the way we live our life with happiness. My story of motherhood has just begin… to me…. that is my happily ever after…. my husband and I loving one another… Loving God… and our kids.

  2. What a beautiful story! I loved reading it. As I grow older, I appreciate the beauty of life, not from how I read it from fairy tales but from how I experience it. My happily ever after is getting to be with my family every day, no matter what happens.

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  3. I love this!! So inspiring.
    A reminder that everyone has something they dont like about themselves but the goal is to embrace that flaw and to own it! Kudos to Zara and the millions she will motivate!

  4. This is beautiful. She is such a confident and inspiring woman. I hope that her story reaches all the other young girls that want to feel confident in themselves =)

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