“NO FEAR”, my thought as I watch my daughter competing on stage in front of ALL those judges and people. She is truly fearless, something that I admire in her and in all the young women that compete in pageants. It’s one of the many amazing life skills learned through pageantry.

While scrolling through Facebook posts the other day, this caught my eye and it reminded me that fear is a REAL everyday challenge for many adults, both young and old. It’s debilitating and all-consuming. It can make the most mundane, everyday task feel overwhelming and unattainable.

What I wouldn’t give to have the ability that these young women have to speak with such elegance, effortlessly, while all the world, or at least a room full of people, are watching. While not wanting to just jump right off that stage and run.

These young women have more courage and confidence than I did at 25 years old. I still remember in college standing in front of a class room full of peers to do a speech.

My heart was racing; My Hands were shaking; “You can do this”; “Just picture them in their underpants”

Trying to calm MY fears while not Forgetting Everything and Running right out of that room.

What a truly unique opportunity that I have, to instill a quiet confidence, one that doesn’t overshadow that of others. To show her what it truly means to Face Everything and Rise, to be fearless.

3 thoughts on “Fearless

  1. James Burns says:

    Love this.
    Especially when the life experience can be allowed to let the positivity flourish and the messy, negative things that may try to come along for the ride be ignored and left behind…that is a skill that must be taught/learned through life experience and living example.

  2. Shannon Brown says:

    This is so true. The lessons never end with how to be in a pageant. Then starts all the wonderful public events. How to be in front of so many people. Leaning about charities and how one little girl can make a big difference. Her confident and willing to help others set her aside from the rest. Thank you for your wonderful blog!

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