It’s ALL about the CROWN, or is it?


They worked hard and did their best, but what if their best didn’t get them the “WIN”?

We’ve all felt that heartbreak and disappointment at times. The kind that left us trying to figure out what we could have done better. Did I not practice enough? Was I not good enough?

I have nieces and nephews that compete in soccer, wrestling, basketball, and hockey. I have watched them win and watched them lose. They soar above the clouds when they win and their hearts break when they lose. My heart aches with them.

It was a few years back that while I was telling my dear friends little girl how amazing she did at her national pageant; that even though she didn’t get the CROWN, we were all so very proud of her. She showed me the true heart of a title holder.

“girls are crying because they didn’t win, but I’m not”


“because I did my best”

At seven years old she was wise beyond her years. She understood what it meant to truly hold “A Title”, to not just get a CROWN.

My little girl is fearless, bold, confident and to me she is amazing, but I am “mommy” and I’m sure the “mommy” sitting next to me feels the same about her little girl. It’s doesn’t entitle her to “WIN”, she isn’t better than the rest. She is simply a little girl doing her very best and enjoying what she is doing.

She isn’t competing against; she is competing with them. Supporting each other as if they are family; as if they were a TEAM. Creating lifelong friends while learning lifelong skills.

By competing WITH and not AGAINST it becomes less about the win and more about the experience. Being a title holder, local, state or national, is so much more than a CROWN, it is to inspire, to dream, to lead by believing in YOU first.


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